Fr. John Scott

As I came into the office today I noticed the first of the daffodils blooming in the Churchyard. It reminded me of a long ago spring time; one of my fellow students at seminary came in and announced “28th, 42nd, 59th, 110th, those are my Stations of the Cross.” She was referring to stops on the Broadway 1 train that she took to get to Union Seminary for a graduate class she was taking. At first I thought that this was rather flippant, but on reflection came to see her comment as an important insight. Sometimes in my meditation I imagine Jesus in his passion on the Broadway 1. Each station punctuated by the ding of the door opening and the tinny voice of the conductor. His arms outstretched in love, he carries the sin and suffering of the city on his shoulders. This is Emmanuel; God with us. To picture Jesus’ way of sorrow running through the center of the place we live and in the heart of our lives is powerful.

This Holy Week I am aware that we have walked the Way of the Cross in a different way over the past year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The loneliness and isolation of lockdown have perhaps brought us closer to Jesus on his lonely road to Calvary. We have experienced new suffering and lost many. Yet we have also learned much. We have seen the quiet heroism of those who simply went to work during the pandemic so that others would be cared for. In this we see a reflection of the self-giving love of Jesus. We have learned to worship in new ways and our fellowship at St. Paul’s continues. In the midst of trying times there are signs of new life.

As Christian believers we are called to carry with us the passion and death of our Lord   Jesus Christ. The Alleluia of Easter and the joyful hymns tell us that the Way of the Cross leads us not to an ending, but rather to a beginning! Christ Jesus is always leading us from death into life. The Stations of the Cross becomes the Stations of the Resurrection. During the Great 50 days of Eastertide I invite you to meditate on the ways in which Jesus is calling you to new life.

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Fr. John Scott +