Dear Friends at St. Paul’s,


Grace and Peace be with you this holy Christmastide.  I cannot tell you how delighted and excited I am to be joining you to serve in the new year.  The past few years have been challenging for everyone in the whole world, but your welcome and the hospitality that you have already shown me tell of a great depth of faith and a resilient spirit that will shape our community and our future by bringing us all together.  As we keep the feast of Christmas and celebrate the Incarnation of God’s Love for us in Jesus, let your heart be gladdened by the Good News that God is truly with us and among us.  I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you at St. Paul’s, in all of the wonderful diverse ways that we encounter God and one another in this place, and learning what is the bright future that God has called us to share together.  Thank you for having the faith to make all this possible.


your servant In Christ,

Father Michael Greene

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