Haiti Mission Partnership


St. Paul’s, in partnership with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Albany, continues to support the school affiliated with Christ the King Episcopal Parish in LaHoye, Haiti.  Mother Jane Brady-Close, interim pastor of St. Andrew’s, has taken a special interest in this mission and the combined parishes have met concerning the school by means of e-mail, WhatsApp, Zoom and conference call. In addition to Mtr. Brady-Close, the St. Andrew’s group includes Martha and Stephen Iannacone and the members of the Daughters of the King.  Our partners in Haiti include the parish priest, Father Jackson LaGuerre, the school principal, Ernst Flamand, and the church lay leader, Unique Flamand.  We are currently working on raising money for a new wall around the school/church compound and a new latrine.


In recent months, in addition to the monies we have sent each year to support teacher salaries and hot lunches, we have sent additional funds to help with the bulk purchases of food – rice, beans and oil — for the members of the Christ the King church family and a special memorial gift for new school uniforms.


At St. Paul’s, members with a special interest in Haiti include: Terry Tamer, Denis Jones, Pam Love and Ninni Jacob.


St. Paul’s contact: Kate Storms